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Depression: So you know you're not alone.

Depression: Eventually The Fog Will Lift and Life Goes On

See the Trailer. "Coming the second week of October, join me and Mandy Boles of The Well-Read Wife for the premiere of Ghost Hunting Moms!    I swear, we really do go ghost hunting. I can’t promise we find anything or that it’s more than a lot of tape of me screaming and running away, but we take the hunt seriously and we catch it all on video and digital voice recorder… just in case we capture an EVP or two." - Meagan Jordan (velveteen mind)

Do you watch ghost hunter shows? Do you believe in ghosts? Love the trailer for Ghost Hunting Moms!

Love this...its so true!

Thank you for helping me feel CREATIVE even though I've really just been sitting at my computer for the last 3 hours.

so true...shaving tomorrow for the first time in two weeks, it's fine. swimming does wonders. ;)

That’s a long three months.

Meme definition sign reads: Winter (noun): the three month break between a woman and her razor. I thought the break between a woman and her razor was her wedding day till her death bed.

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