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21 Hilarious "Harry Potter" Tumblr Posts That Are Just Magical

Molly's boggart.

Harry Potter fans cry all over again--ahhhh! This killed me! Especially number I miss the world of Harry Potter so much! Thank God for the theme park!

Molly's boggart.

When someone combined various scenes with Harry’s famous line.Why would anyone hurt me like this, you are wicked

And THIS is the Ron/Hermione kiss! When Ron finally gets SPEW. When Hermione finally gives in to what we've hoped for forever! THIS is the kiss! (Sorry, movie, you were brilliant and all, but THIS is how the Queen wanted it to be!

We assure you, my lady…

The scary thing is that this could come true. Jo could lead a cult of Potterheads if she ever felt like it. Promise us another book and we'd over throw every government there is.

This very important life advice.

This very important life advice. 19 Really Funny Harry Potter Posts That You Maybe Haven't Seen Yet