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The other day I was asked about my thoughts on pets and hardwood floors...is it worth it? There are mixed reviews out there on this subject and some think no it\'s not and other like myself, think YES it is!  You can have both pets and hardwood floors...

Simple valance in a beautiful statement fabric, great attention to details. Well done!~Marie-Window Designs Etc. ....black & white, pleated valance with pom pom trim # Pin++ for Pinterest #

This is an example of the element of art, Line. The image is full of lines: the floor boards, the stair railings, the wood panels along the floor and ceiling. Your eyes follow the lines until they reach the "back" of the picture, where you stare, fixated.

Yay! We made it through the first week of 2016 - one of the toughest weeks of the year, every year. Coming off a school or work break, in our case both-and coming back from sunny Florida to the now se

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