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Everything begins and ends in Him. Yeshua You are the Alpha and Omega. We are connected to You forever. The Root (You Yeshua) supports the tree (little old me). Your roots are so strong and mighty in our lives. May the fruits that are present in our lives be everything that You want it to be, so we can be more like You to love the way You love and have grace for others the way You had and still have grace for us. You are the Source of our lives!

There isn't enough room in your mind for both worry and faith. You must decide which will live there.

Do It Anyway. Mother Teresa Quote. - 24'x36' Subway-Style Typography Art Print

An inspirational quote found written on the walls of the home where Mother Teresa lived and cared for others in Calcutta. Simple, true and profound.

"We go into the UNKNOWN EVERY DAY of our lives... for the week is sure to be a BATTLEFIELD, outwardly and inwardly in the UNSEEN LIFE of the spirit... Either way, the Lord your God goes before you, He shall fight for you!" ~ Amy Carmichael