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Newborn clothes/memories in shadowbox. Better than in a box in the closet! A box for each kid, in their bedrooms when little, then moved to the living room when they dont want it in there.SO cute!

OMG i wish i found this when I was younger...probably not going to stop me from making these tho

Over 60 Amazing American Girl Doll Crafts and Ideas

To celebrate the start of the AG Doll Summer Wardrobe giveaway shares Over 60 Amazing American Girl Doll Crafts and Fun Ideas!

Toddler scribbles turned into art

Turn toddler scribbles into a masterpiece on canvas! Love this idea to do with the art work I get from the kids at work

Decorated frames with ole toys & then painted.

Great Idea for a kid's room! Take a bunch of cheap toys and glue them to a mirror or picture frame. Tape off glass and spray paint all same shade! Fun mirror or frame for a kids room!

Art Bucket

Craft bucket for each kid in the family? Cute gift idea for kids for birthday or holiday~ Art supply bucket: 5 gallon paint bucket and a "bucket jockey" from tool section of hardware store.

Giant Jenga- Made it this weekend for the 4th.  Get 8 2x4x8, cut to 10.5".  Need enough for 19 rows.  Sand down the ends and makes smooth.  Cost me 32 dollars to make!

Giant "Wooden-Block-Stacking-Game" Tower: What fun to be had at your next big backyard get-together with family/friends playing this Giant DIY Jenga set!

If you’re on the hunt for a fun, thrifty boredum-buster for the kids… how about constructing with mini marshmallows and toothpicks!  *clever!*

On the hunt for a fun, thrifty boredum-buster for the kids? It's time for a Marshmallow House Craft! This idea comes from my friend Kristee, and my boys loooove making their marshmallow houses!

These bloomers are delicate and gorgeous, full of lace making them extra girly! Perfect for newborn photography and diaper covers under dresses/skirts for a completed look. Light weight and comfortable stretch, loose fitting around the legs. Available in 31 colors! Color Options: 1. Aqua2. Green3. Turquoise4. Light Blue5. Royal Blue6. Light Green7. Yellow8. Orange9. Royal Purple10. Lavender11. Watermelon12. Hot Pink13. Red Wine14. Red15. Vintage Plum16. Rose17. Salmon18. Light Pink19. Sandy…

Lace Bloomers - 31 Color Options

Lace Diaper Bloomers- Perfect for a baby girl's newborn photos!