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We skipped the Gym and the ice cream and walk/jogged 2.7 miles at the park! I will say it was a win! I can not wait until my life consists of being a full-time stay at home mommy to my boys! I sit back and realize how much of their childhood I have really missed because of working 5 6 7 days a week to make ends meet and to barely get by Never again! I will push to my goals and once I achieve them I will set new goals! I am so thankful to It Works! For giving me a light at the end of the…

*Life consists of moments* – Сообщество – Google+

It’s hard to argue with that (45 Photos)

Nighttime consists of 90% thinking and 10% sleeping.-- I acually never knew that

Our entire life - consists ultimately in accepting ourselves as we are. - Jean Anouilh -

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