I know what it's like to be afraid of your own mind.

my mind has the scary capability of being dark and demented." "you are afraid of your dreams?" he said quietly. her eyes widened, "me too.

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just try your best

new year's resolutions - the ultimate list. What a great Idea to have a Bucket list to do more of the little things that count.

Our brains are sick

That's what kids are taught--grades matter at all costs. Why don't they educate kids about mental illness and prevent thousands of suicides and eating disorders?

Best of Tapiture : theCHIVE....it happens more then I would like it to.

Whenever he is around, my heart stops beating for like a second and my stomach is in knots and I'm way too shy around him. And he had some chances, and he tried so hard, but I RAN AWAY!

I would read that - Funny tumblr comments

Tumblr Tuesday 8-26

I been crying a LOT lately. Yesterday she threw away my stack because "Fitness is bullsh.." Today I got told that I'm not allowed to workout anymore. That I am not a man. That if I want to go or leave the house it has to be with her so she can supervise me. Because I look so masculine and that everyone tells wow Michelle has changed so much. What is she doing? All in the bad way. People say that everything happens for a reason. That better times will come. But why? When? How long can I keep…

Non-human animals, race, gender, sexuality. nobody deserves for their own existence to disrespected

This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Read it. READ IT NOW!

One tumbler's response to the prompt "someone should write a book where the main character slowly falls in love with the reader" amazing! I WANT TO READ THIS BOOK!