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Sterling Neuchatel Urn Floor Vase - 9167-052

Neuchatel Ceramic Urn in Faux Marble

The Urn is 100% biodegradable, made of coconut shell, compacted peat and cellulose. It has two parts – a top capsule for the seed, and a bottom part for the ashes. This structure allows the seed to germinate separated from the ashes and their high acidity. Once the urn starts to biodegrade, the seed roots are already strong enough to contact them and the entire set becomes part of the sub-soil. #death #innovation #disruption #sustainable #tree #green

This Awesome Urn Will Turn You into a Tree After You Die

Product - Bios Urn - biodegradable urn with a tree seed in the top.

Copper Flash Raku Pet Urn. Product BJ4

Copper Flash Raku Pet Urn. Product BJ4

Faux Lilac & Rose Arrangement at Joss & Main

Lilac, Rose, Magnolia Large Silk Flower Arrangment - The perfect combination of silk flowers of lilac, rose and magnolias all arranged in a large metal vase.

This handcrafted urn is made from maple, cherry or oak. It is perfect as a sharing, keepsake or pet urn. The urn is one solid piece of wood, plus the lid. The lid and stripe are painted in gold lacquer. The urn is a signed original and one of a kind.  This urn measures 7 to 8 inches tall by 5 to 6 inches wide with the capacity of up to 100 cubic inches. Find it at http://artisurn.com/collections/wooden-urns/products/light-colored-urn-maple-cherry-or-oak #urn #cremation #handcrafted

Light Colored Urn (Maple, Cherry or Oak)

1718: Bowl Urn 26"DIA. X 21"H; 30 LBS.  $295

Year-round bowl urn (Product Detail) for flanking back steps. Measures in diameter, stands tall, and weights only 30 pounds.