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Why A Child Is Cute patriciamacom

newborn & picture frame // what a great idea. A beautiful baby and such a perfect frame.

Great idea for mom/dad/grandparents' gifts.  Saw it on ModernParentsMessyKids with this link to Flickr.

Such a great idea for a yearly/birthday photo. pic a lovely photo, add a bit of photoshop action and then tuck away in a safe place.

i would do this for newborn pics!

Now that I know that you all are on board with sidewalk chalk, I’ve rounded up a bunch of super fun sidewalk chalk photos. I love all the creativity I’m seeing when it comes to sidewalk chalk photos.

Babymonth 1-12

Newborn - 12 months photo idea: Take a picture every month and make a photo collage.

Take a picture of your kid each year with their favorite book at the same time. Watch them grow and their favorite book change!

bibliophilefiles: “ A yearly photo of your child with their favourite book at the time. As they grow and change their favourite book would change too. (originally from Little Baby Garvin, via.

so presh

Tips on how to take professional-style photos of your toddlers AND get them to cooperate! Tape idea is genius as is the crayon idea. Reverse psychology works wonders with my 4 year olds.

military men and women have families too. That is double LOVE!

Camo baby and daddy family cute military baby dance soldier army daughter dad tutu

cute photo | http://coolphotoshoots.blogspot.com

Live far away? No problem! Take a photo of the children that day holding up a message. works for father's day, mother's day, grandparent's day, holidays and even birthday wishes. Such a great idea!

10 Pictures to Take of Your Children Each Month

10 photos to take of your kids each month or as often as it changes. Funny we do most of these, all the time;) ~Portrait ~New mannerisms ~Siblings ~playtime ~bath time ~clean baby (right after the bath) ~fav toy ~new trick ~pic with Mom ~pic with Dad