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A livestock protection dog pup has sought the comfort of a group of young lambs. I raised my Great Pyrenees pup with my sheep. Had a flock of registered Border Cheviot Sheep for 15 years. She was the best dog!

Have you any wool? Yes sir yes sir three bags full! lol

The Animals of Stonehaven Farm. Heritage breeds of sheep, ducks and chickens. Pick fresh vegitables, visit our free range animals, and enjoy coastal Westport, Massachusetts

Everybody loves.  (KO) Some cats have their own pigs. Others settle for a dog to boss. But the really fortunate cats own one or more humans. This is the natural order of things.

Cat and pig? I think the cat is just using the pig for her own pleasure. Shame on that cat.

Cumbria, England. Hampshire Down sheep.

Cumbria, England Wasn't sure whether to pin on animals or nature. Either way, the view is scenic ( what with the sunlight and all) and the sheep well.

Looks like a heart shape, sort of....

Polar Bear and Cubs. There is nothing more comfortable than a bear skin rug (with mom in it),

Golden retriever and abandoned kitten  --sooo cute

Golden retriever adota gatinhos abandonados pela mãe

dog fosters rescue orphan kittens Jul 2014 Four tiny rescue kittens now have a new surrogate dad, a Golden Retriever dog named Ponzu who wouldn’t let them out of sight. Ponzu has fostered many kittens.

herthen:  (via Getting Stitched on the Farm: Lambie Goings on and Guys’ Quarters Cap Big Game Countdown #2)

12 Dogs Who Don’t Realize Their New Friend Isn’t Canine

Border collie with baby lamb. Well, looks like I'm moving East and raising lamb. Of course with border collies*

Pyr with young goat friend, don't worry little buddy I have your back.. :O)

A baby goat recovering from listeria being protected by its Great Pyrenees guardian

The Somali ass is the last remaining  wild ancestor of the modern donkey.  Their habitat is in isolated rocky desert areas of East Africa.  The adults weigh about 500 pounds.  Their coat and markings help them blend  into their native environment.   Rare Somali Wild Ass Is Born At Miami Zoo | Simply Marvelous Horse World

Rare Somali Wild Ass Is Born At Miami Zoo

For the first time in the history of the Miami Zoo, a critically endangered Somali Wild Ass was born. The Somali wild ass is the last remaining ancestor of the modern donkey.

Barnyard Critters ~ mother sheep with baby lambs

Sheep with her lambs.awwww they have the coloring of a baby goat but they're sheep.so cuuuute

Agneau--     More pictures for Lamb Lamb - Wikipedia fr.wikipedia.org / wiki / Lamb [Translate this page-French Wikipedia] The lamb once agnel is very young male sheep. The female is called the 'lamb. Little ewe and ram, it is a breeding animal.

Warm and Fuzzy

She is not a leg of lamb. She is without sin, gentle snd defenseless. If you would not harm her with your own hand then you must not participate in this circle of death. If you care you go vegan.