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A classroom from Baton Rouge, LA

A huge thank-you to Morgan Simoneoux, a first-grade teacher from Baton Rouge, LA, for sending in these photos of her classroom. I love how colorful all of this is! A truly warm, welcoming environme…

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Easy Writing Prompts for Kindergarten writing center, visit Mrs. Gilchrist’s class. These writing prompts .

Noun anchor chart

Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking. Use collective nouns (e. Kids could make these to differentiate types of nouns ( common, proper, possessive)

Learning is Something to Treasure: Magic E

This Magic E chart is a good visual for students learning about how an "e" at the end of a word makes the first vowel sound like itself (long vowel sounds).

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Visually representing-- I would use this poster to help students write more detailed sentences. ----A tool to help struggling writers become stronger.

Opinion Writing - Favorite playground activity. Free download.

FREEBIE: Opinion Writing: Favorite Playground Activity Maybe use with the sponge-bar graph poll from teacher tipster: poll the kids as they come into class, talk about the bar graph, then have them write about which one they voted for

Blooming In Kindergarden: Fairy Tale Story Mapping.  Could be adapted for middle school: add themes, protagonist/antagonist, stereotypes...

A simple story map for our fairy tale unit - very interactive. Great for kids who don't know how or just don't like to write what they learned. Still teaches comprehension

Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten: Writing goals - make a chart with students writing goals so students can clearly see what they are working on.

Make goals for early braille writing - on the Perkins brailler and one for digital braille RBD keyboard! Jones's Kindergarten: Writing goals - make a chart with students writing goals so students can clearly see what they are working on.

From First Grade Writing Sentences Worksheets: Stretch a Sentence Worksheet. Pinned by Pediatric Therapeutic Services, Inc. Check out our blog at

Stretch a Sentence

Stretch a Sentence- perfect for adding details! I really like this idea! This is a great way to assist students with goals for saying complex sentences.

Love all these different writing goals!

Writing Pin This is a writing goals chart. This chart could be put up sometime in the beginning of the school year. As the year progresses and students reach these goals, they can put their names in the spaces. Adjust for Kinder - maybe individual sheets