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there are no words

there are no words

Awkward Family Photos: The Couples Edition    Oooh I love this one!

The Most Awkward 'Romantic' Photos - Ever (PICTURES)

most of these are dumb but this one is really funny!!

Sweet Southern Sass on

AHAHAHA!! Love her character in Bridesmaids.

"Not me, nope. Physically, I don't bloat. It's a gift. I love Melissa McCarthy! I wish.

This is my niece Yvette. She's destined for super stardom. A bundle of energy and  multi-talented. Her real problem is focusing on just one line of entertainment to pursue. Its often pointed out she has an equal level of ability in them all.  We're surprised none of her 9 attempts to appear on X-Factor have resulted in her even getting to the audition stage. Its not all bad news as she has an open invitation to appear on daytime TV from someone called Jeremy Kyle.

This explains so much about people! Walmart called with even more photos…Walmart called (again), your photos are done! Very “special” people and families, no doubt! Be sure to check out Target called, your photos are done ADVERTISEMENT

BURN!!!! (although the original Willy Wonka Movie was far better than Charlie and the Chocolate factory... Johnny Deep just is a much better actor than this movie allowed for him to portray)

Tell me more…

gene wilder is actually in amazing films: The ORIGINAL Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory,Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, and The Producers. just sayin.

Tips for going to get a professional portrait taken. Nailed it. I love how the sloth is just like hi

Awkward Family Photo--This totally staged. That sloth is WAVING! I would TOTALLY recreate this picture if I had a waving sloth!those awesome wigs.

Happy Birthday Homie Quotes. QuotesGram

31 Hand Picked Funny Baby Pictures With Hilarious Memes. The look on this kid's face is priceless.

Go Chicago Bears!

I can't decide which of the three are worst: the guy's mullet, the fact he's cradling a cat, or the laser background circa elementary school 1991

Bon qui qui.... Welcome to king burger where we do it your way but don't get crazy (:

Bon Qui Qui (King Burger sketch - MadTv) For my work buddies! "We got a complicated order!