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Savage Dryad Mask by savagedryad on DeviantArt

Savage Dryad Mask by ~savagedryad on deviantART. Or, "I am Lady Groot.

Anthony: i like the idea of weapons being implemented in the game, these designs are really good

The Gnomon Workshop Contest - Design a weapon sheet with 20 weapons - Winner by atha, Bo Zonneveld, Bill Creative, stolarz _from The Gnomon Workshop (The Gnomon Workshop Forums > Image Challenge > images>JANUARY, WEAPON SHEET)

DIY Halloween Mask - EPBOT: Curse of the Death Eater?

EPBOT: Curse of the Death Eater? A fantastic mask! Just human enough to not be immediately scary, and just enough detail to be scary upon closer inspection!

Pildiotsingu mask tulemus

How mysterious is this costume and mask?

Now THAT'S a cool looking door stop... paperweight... bookend? Whatever, I want it!

This Custom Human Skull Art Is The Perfect Mix Between Creepy And Awesome

Oni Skull Mask/Demon Skull/ Horror Halloween, Costume, Mask Paint your own, or…

Handmade demon skull Halloween mask "Oni" created by Morgan Hughes Originally sculpted in Monster Clay medium, molded in smooth-ons mold star with a plastipaste jacket then cast in a high quality hard resin.

Ismael by loreninemo

You know, humans really should be the most interesting thing on the encounter table. Humans are awesome, and there's all sorts of reaso.