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Cinnamon on wet paint gives faux rust look

How to Make Rusty Tin Signs. Adding one ingredient from your kitchen cupboard while painting a homemade sign can give it a rusty look. To create a faux rusty tin sign, sprinkle some cinnamon on the areas that you want to look weathered.

Mid Century Modern Dresser by reclaimedhome on Etsy

Mid Century Modern Dresser

A mom decoupaged a photo of her dad on her son's dresser. The son carries on his grandfather's name.

Decoupaged Dresser – In Memory of My Father — American Paint Company. Would be so great to do this on the dresser that tg,s dad made

Tall Mid Century Modern Sculptural Dresser in Tarrytown, NY, USA ~ Krrb

Tall Mid Century Modern Sculptural Dresser

How To Use Himalayan Salt Lamps For Better Air, Sleep And Mental Clarity via @dailyhealthpost

Himalayan crystal salt is the purest salt available on earth. Hence why it is used a lot for salt lamps. Unlike chemically treated table salt, this pink crystal salt is uncontaminated with toxins or pollutants.

Find A Poster Big Enough & Mod Podge To Front Of Cabinet. Exacto Knife To Slit Around The Drawers & Some Gentle Sanding On All The Edges To Take Off The Extra Paper

Find a poster (Big Ben) big enough & mod podge to front of cabinet. Exacto knife to slit around the drawers & some gentle sanding on all the edges to take off the extra paper. Do the same with any poster! I LOVE THAT CABINET!

Orange Mid Century Dresser in Brooklyn, NY, USA ~ Krrb

Orange Mid Century Dresser

This mid century six drawer dresser was in pretty sad shape when we found it. One drawer was gone completely, which is why we added those cool vint.

Or a tribute to your favorite city | 99 Clever Ways To Transform A Boring Dresser

99 Clever Ways To Transform A Boring Dresser

I am using this as inspiration for a smaller dresser, I know just what to do with it! NYC Subway Art Dresser by Lindauer Designs

Flickrfotos.com Home Trends  such a cute accent to the home!

build your own kitchen island: put two dressers back to back and attach a door to the top. dressers provide extra kitchen storage:) ----Don't need kitchen storage, but I love the idea of painting an old dresser this way