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What We Do In The Shadows [Blu-ray], http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00SHJLVWM/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_s_awdl_PP9IxbBGTJ0RZ

Total eclipse of the heart, anyone? At the beginning of the month, a lunar eclipse in Libra — the sign that governs relationships — could reveal what’s hidden in the shadows, like buried feelings, unacknowledged attractions, or the need to never,...

In The Shadows Of His Crows by Valhalrion.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Beneath the waves, shimmering blue water gives way to vibrant reefs and forests of kelp, bathed in the warm brilliance of sunlight. However, divers are cautioned not to wander beyond these shallows; for legends warn of monstrous beasts which lurk in the twilight below. Descending into the darkness, beams of light dwindle into faint glimmers as they become enveloped by the shadows. These abyssal waters have never seen the likes of sunlight, yet it is not all darkness.

~ Mini disclaimer: This guide is only about what i know and refers to where i get most of my stuff, I’m a 16 year old girl who likes makeup, not a professional. Also, i’d have loved to have done a bunch of video tutorials myself, but my camera quality is horrible, hopefully sometime in the future i can post an updated guide with more tutorials that are mine

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Black Opal Color Splurge Eye Shadow Duos Everyone knows that illuminated eyes give that extra "oomph" to your face. Our highly pigmented shadows deliver exquisite shimmer with a silky smooth finish. You can create eye-defining looks in shades that can be mixed and matched for daytime chic or nighttime allure. Choose the hues that best suit your individual needs. Available in Edgars, Jet, Barbours, Meikles, Topics, Truworths, Chic-Street and most reputable pharmacies.

How to fix broken powder, blush and eye shadow- Crush up all of broken powder in original compact then add a few drops of alcohol, mix slightly. If powder is still dry add more alcohol, use plastic wrap over the compact to smooth out the power and let sit all night. The next day your powder will look like new :)


Hope, Inc. - The Quelling | microcerpt – Dani found an empty chair beside a man wearing a tailored suit, reading the Denver Tribune. She didn’t see the cup of coffee sitting on the floor, and knocked it over with her foot when she sat down. “Oh, excuse me. I’m sorry, can I get you another cup?” Before he could answer, the door from ICU opened and three women emerged, huddled together, crying. Dani recognized the Jennings family from the photos... #breastcancer ...

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