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Wantonness Mask’d. A satire of a couple at a masquerade, the young man, on the left, has taken his mask off in his ardour, while the woman has not. May Hand-coloured mezzotint in the British Museum Collection

The rather ostentatious “Frégate de Junon” hairstyle, as sported by Marie Antoinette. © Fiell Image Archive, 2011 There is no hair more iconic, perhaps, than Marie-Antoinette’s elaborately curled and.

"Portrait of a Lady thought to be Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire; attributed to John Russell R. A sensitive and charming portrait in pastels of a beautiful young lady believed to the Duchess of Devonshire attributed to John Russell - Georgiana or not?

The Moretta or Servetta Muta (trans: dumb maid-servant) is a black velvet, oval shaped mask that was worn by Venetian ladies. Covering all but the outer edge of the face, the Moretta was secured to the wearer by way of a small bit that was held in place b

Elisabeth-Louise Vigee Le Brun, portrait paintings - Portrait of Count Grigory Chernyshev with a Mask in His Hand

A portrait of Madame Adélaïde of France ~ Daughter of Louis XV detail ~ by Jean Marc Nattier ~1756.

A portrait of Madame Adélaïde of France ~ Daughter of Louis XV detail by Jean Marc Nattier (París, id.

Head of a Girl Wearing a White Hat

Head of a Girl Wearing a White Hat Object:Oil painting (painted) Artist/Maker:William Hoare, born 1702 - died 1792 (painter (artist)) Materials and Techniques:Oil on canvas

La Commedia dell'Arte de Nicolas Lancret ( 1690 - 1743 )---- A beautiful painting of commedia actors. This shows how influential the theatre is because it also influenced art.

How to Make a Paper Mache Mask With a Foil Mold. A homemade mask made entirely out of paper using aluminum foil. Easy to make masks for any occasion - Halloween, parties, or Mardi Gras.


Geisha girl- she would make an awesome tattoo! y'all should research geishas and see what they stand for!

The Rococo: The Extremities of Hairstyles in the 1770’s

'A hint to ladies to take care of their heads': century . the urban legend of the day that high hair would lead to overturned lamps and immolation