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salonserpenttattoo: “ JULY GUESTARTIST @massimogurnari . Please see the website for bookinginfo. ”

My hubbies ..

Wanderlust tattoo with globe and airplane. I hate the old school look so I would definitely have it redrawn.

Flowers have always attracted beautiful women. Women are surely the personified version of flowers among humans. Therefore a natural bond between two pretty creations of God. Floral Tattoo ideas are very popular due to this bond of fascination. Floral tattoos are simply gorgeous and also very eye catching due to the dense decoration they often …

Inkbox is an all natural Tattoo that lasts 2 weeks. With a patent pending application process and an organic fruit-based formula, it takes just 10 minutes to apply and lasts for 10-15 days. No pain. No regrets. Inkbox is your story, skin deep. Find your dream design at inkbox.com

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