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The Power of Your Mind

The thoughts are traveling a mile a minute in your mind, and you have shut the door to good, positive thoughts.

Not all things under a pin was written by the person who posted it on their board. Assuming makes YOU the crazy one.


Before you "assume" try this crazy method called "asking". - Never assume, you will likely end up eating crow with egg on your face for doing so!

Questions to self. Thought provoking and a good article not just for ourselves, but also for our characters xkx

26 Questions To Help You Know Yourself Better

“Happiness is not out there, it’s in you.”♡ Everyone now a days seems stressed out, unfulfilled, and unhappy. Do you feel that way at times? Here I will be sharing  ways to change that so you can take charge of your life and feel happy again. First, I want to start Read More

5 Simple Ways To Be Happy Right Now

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A story told brilliantly can motivate, captivate and challenge your way of thinking. Here are 9 of the most powerful TED talks to boost your self confidence and make you think differently about how you see yourself and how you fit into this world.

9 Powerful TED Talks To Boost Your Confidence

Great resource for professional discussions regarding self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence. TED talks with credible speakers and authors.

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Love this list of 20 things to start doing! Let's do it! :) *first pin of 2016 *new year resolution

Printable Fortune Cookies!

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Good activity, esp for groups with members who have been with each other for a while.

Delightfully Effective Therapeutic Group Activities for Everyone

Always good to have a reminder of this.

Always good to have a reminder of this.

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