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How are you going to enjoy your coffee today?  This and that: National Coffee Day

Brew cup of java, grab a favorite book and enjoy National Coffee Day!

Facts about coffee / National Coffee Month - Daily Dish Magazine

National Coffee Month

Facts about coffee / National Coffee Month - Daily Dish Magazine

Iced Chai Latte ... Oh my goodness... yummy!!!

Perfect Iced Coffee

Starbucks Secret Menu: Liquid Cocaine - This drink is a turbo charged ice coffee served in a grande cup. The four shots of espresso pack a serious punch. Thankfully, four pumps of white chocolate syrup help make this drink go down smooth.


If my life had a flavor, it would be coffee. / Coffee Shop Stuff That or whiskey.

iced coffee recipe

Simple Iced Coffee

Looking for an iced coffee recipe that is easy and simple to take? Try this take on a favorite cold coffee drink.

Cafe con hielo

15 Fancy Coffee Recipes From Around the World

~Café con hielo~ Café con hielo translates directly to “coffee with ice” but this drink is straight up iced espresso. Perfect for those days when it’s a fiery hellscape outside and your bed is too good to pass up.