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Free Common Core Standards Bookmarks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Stop by my blog to access them and to get more information about Common Core task cards (They are listed under popular posts).  Each task card has an open-ended activity and covers EVERY Common Core ELA Literature and Informational Text standard.

After attending extensive Common Core training, these bookmarks were designed to remind students about what to focus on while reading. Click the image to access them.

10 Principles for Effective Vocabulary Instruction~ Love the "do this-not that" format. Teachers who do more of "this" and less of "that," can feel good that they're headed in the right direction!  Check out the original post @ https://www.eyeoneducation.com/Blog/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/2700/Infographic-10-Principles-for-Effective-Vocabulary-Instruction#.UcRKrJywUvY

Infographic: 10 Principles for Effective Vocabulary Instruction: This infographic provides a list 10 principles (and 10 things to avoid!) for effective vocabulary instruction. The tips are easily adapted for pre-K and beyond.

I saw this at KIPP Houston High School. Students were assigned to different vocab words. They created the word wall.

Creative idea for a bulletin boards in the classroom or even the hallway. Students are assigned a definition and then create cards. They can be changed weekly as a weekly project for a simple grade or even monthly.

And God forbid you use Comic Sans...

If your font is huge...

Word Wall: Secondary Edition - YouTube. Ways to use word walls for secondary students.

Word walls can work in secondary classrooms, too. This lessoncast shows how to integrate word walls as an interactive visual resource to build conceptual und.

140+ root words for your word wall, handouts, or as decorative posters! Come in an array of different sizes. Colorful, visual, meaningful.

Root Words: Posters, Word Walls, & Handouts

root words for your word wall, handouts, or as decorative posters! Come in an array of different sizes.