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Kaiju the Shiba Inu

I am Kaiju! My name means 'monster' or 'strange beast' in Japanese, but I'm really not one at all. I'm actually quite shy around strangers. I'm still getting used to humans and being away from my mom

Baby Shiba Inu  omg.... like a chubby faced fox  :)

What makes the Shiba Inu such an amazing dog? It's the Shiba Inu Temperament and Intelligence. Sometimes called the felines of the dog world, these dogs are independent, brave and loyal - all wrapped up in a tiny little package.


too cute - Snoring Dog [you might need to turn your sound up all the way - I had too]

They’re always ready for any adventure. | 27 Reasons Shibas Are The Best Dogs Ever

27 Reasons Shibas Are The Best Dogs Ever