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dead leaves and the dirty ground

My drawing of a great white shark!  Time lapse video:… Let me know what you think.…

Shark Drawing Study by LethalChris

Great White Shark Watercolor Art Poster Set Of 3 by QuantumPrints                                                                                                                                                     More

Great White Shark Watercolor Art Poster Set Of 3 - Shark Art Print - Great White Shark Poster - Bathroom Wall Art - Marine Biology (AB560)

Great White Shark Watercolor Art Poster Set Of 3 - Shark Art Print - Great White Shark Poster - Bathroom Wall Art - Marine Biology

THE GREAT WHITE      "I've always admired sharks as they have a dimension of intelligence that is unique to that animal, especially a great white shark.      A great white shark has this organ called ampullae of Lorenzini, and that can actually detect electromagnetic disturbances "

This image was purportedly chosen as "photo of the year" by a National Geographic photographer. But the picture doesn't exist and the image is a composite.

Photographing great white sharks for 20 years gives Chris and Monique Fallows front row seats on the amazing behavior and secrets of formidable predators few people see. In this post they share ten of their favorite images of great whites and describe the electric moment when each was made, when conditions came together for a photographic capture of an awesome predator.

10 photos of great white sharks to take your breath away

Great Danger For The Great White Shark -

Gansbaai, Western Cape, South Africa - The global population of great white sharks - generally estimated at

Megalodon Alex - Google+  cute! :) gogira-like

Megalodon - 3 times bigger than a Great White shark

Great White Shark Cage Diving Hotspots of the World Infographic

What's it really like to go shark cage diving? I recently went shark cage diving in Gansbaai, near Cape Town, to find out, and came face-to-face with a great white shark!

Fascinating Facts About Great White Sharks for Kids

Interesting Facts About Great White Sharks for Kids

The great white shark! A great living legend! How do you understand sharks? How many parts of a great white do you already know the names of?

* * SHARK: " Yoo lilly-livered geek! Yoo 'tink dat little cage iz gonna hold ya safes froms me teef?"

Swimming with Great White Sharks

shark cage diving - I want to cage dive with a great white shark!

THE GREAT WHITE SHARK Photo by SERGIO RICCARDO -- National Geographic Your Shot

"The Great White Shark" photo by Sergio Riccardo

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a very young Great White, or Salmon Shark

A 50-foot great white shark photographed off Ireland

Biggest Great White Shark in History record-breaking great white shark off the coast of Ireland.

Smallest shark - Most people think of a shark as a big violent predator with very sharp teeth ranging the sea in search of food. But in fact, there are over 400 different species of sharks.  Did you know that sharks are some of the most amazing and most misunderstood creatures on the planet? So, for you to understand them more, here is the list of smallest sharks ever lived in the world

20+ Smallest Shark in the World and You’ll Be Amazed After Knowing it

Great White Shark - South Africa not going to aftrica no time soon

Male Great White Shark with cage by Todd Winner - as crazy as it is, I would love to experience this one day =)

Male Great White With Cage, Guadalupe. Look at the size of that shark compared to the divers O.

Great White Shark...WOW!! I don't know whether this is simply amazing & awesome or if I should be terrified...haha one thing for sure is I wouldn't want to see that if I was in near proximity of it, unless it was a pretty big boat I was in idk but it is magnificent creature of creation! I <3 it!! ^_^

Great White Shark Breach At False Bay - Cape Town, South Africa.i will not be going to south africa.