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Rosely Pignataro: Luminárias feitas com material reciclado

Luminárias feitas com material reciclado

Spray cans are tends to be discarded after its contents are consumed. However, to keep it from giving the chance to grow our landfills, the recycled spray can

Des objets ordinaires pas ordinaires.

Des objets ordinaires pas ordinaires

SprayPaint DIY Desk Lamps made from recycled spray paint cans with the spray nozzle acting as on/off switch.

Spray Can Delight    #Cans, #Light, #Spray

Spray Can Delight

Spray Can Delight in packagings lights with Spray Light Cans

This is an interesting design!

Unique Lighting Fixtures, Lanterns, and Candle Holders Recycling Metal Cans

Lights from spray cans. Cool! http://www.letusdiy.org/html/diy/diy_jiaju/20090714/1390.html

Maybe some silver sprinkles for a dinning room? Can Delight : Recycled Spray Can Lighting : By the Zek Crew