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Meet Kinessa Johnson. She hunts poachers here in Africa where we are currently at risk of losing all our Rhino's due to these pricks.

The fight against illegal poaching in Africa is extremely frustrating – both because of the irreparable damage that poachers cause and because most of us are powerless to do anything about it. Not so for Kinessa Johnson, however – this tattooed, gun-toting badass US Army veteran works for VETPAWS, an organization that connects US Armed Forces veterans with conservation rangers in East Africa who need professional training and support.

{ THIS AFGHANISTAN VETERAN NOW HUNTS POACHERS IN AFRICA [8 PHOTOS] } #PhotographyAVeteransNextChapter via #TheRoosevelts ....... ''Nearly 100 elephants are slaughtered every day for their tusks. So that is where U.S. Veteran Kinessa Johnson steps in...''.....

Who is This Badass Chick, and How is She Helping the Hunt Against Poachers

Meet Kinessa Johnson. She served 4 years in the Army as a weapons instructor and mechanic and is now an anti-poaching enforcer. Recently she joined the ranks of Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife (“VETPAW”) as an anti-poaching advisor.

Kinessa Johnson of VETPAW. Normally I abhor violence in reaction to any human conflict. But when comes to hunting down poachers, I say kill 'em all, my righteous sister.

Debido a la caza furtiva en África, hay varias especies de animales que están en peligro de extinción. Ante esta situación, Kinessa Johnson, una veterana...