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When it came to communicating over long distances, rawhide preceded the telegraph.  Rawhide was the medium with which the drummers could speak fluently. Many tribes spoke  in their own code or language. Here we have a simple, classic ceiling light which, though not in actual drum form, features the beautiful material that  the Native Americans found useful in so many ways: rawhide!    The Our standard size starts at 12 inch diameter and can be scaled up to as large as 30 inches upon request.

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Hammered Ceiling Light

As Shown: Rust patina finish and silver mica. Dimensions: Diameter x High Optional Dimensions: Diameter x High

Rawhide Pendant

As Shown: Rust patina finish and Rawhide. Dimensions: Diameter x High

Clear Creek Ceiling Light

Four decorative hand forged rods support a wide iron band that is surrounded with barbwire and rivets. A rawhide laced dome finishes off the looks of this ceiling light. Comes in all standard finishes.

cool fixture but not sure whether we could have this arranged in our case on the beams...

Rustic Glass Pendant, Small, Set of 2

Laces Stem Ceiling Mount

As Shown: Natural iron finish and rawhide peaked dome.