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I wasn't even a avid sponge bob watcher growing up

Call me sponge bob, stacking crabby patties. Man I got to work, do my cat daddy

is this a illegal I wouldn't do it if it was ilegal but if it's not...

-drop a water balloon off of a tall building (Like One Tree Hill (: )

Your Bucket List.


Catch a jar of lightning bugs.Summers in Nashville Tennessee, child hood memory

#Before I die... DONE! Nothin' better then homegrown goods!!

have a garden, plant veggies and beans and herbs and strawberries and blueberry bush and more!

pie in face

I would looooooove to smash some certain people in the face with a pie.just saying (I would also like to be smushed in the face with a pie)_


Smash a pie in someone's face. Why have I always wanted to do this? I've also wanted a pie smashed in my face to.

with my best friend.

So far been to Ohio Pennsylvania West Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Tennessee Kentucky and Florida

and then not eat it cause it's too pretty.


I pinned this a while ago onto my bucket list and for my birthday my boyfriend got me an amazing edible arrangement. He knows me so well!

Someday I will take joy in the moment I do this. <3

Before I die bucket list bucket-list Hang stockings for my kids, my spouse, and me - Done! Spouse and me, at least.

ask taylor swift who her songs are about

Funny, but I would like to have conversation with her about her songs and ask which ones are about Taylor Lautner hahaa!