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My brother's keeper

Victorian mourning tradition was the post mortem photo. These are regarded by most people today to be morbid, yet they were quite common

Post mortem? Or photoshopped?

Sweet dreams… (30 Photos)

This site exists to discredit the idea of the Victorian standing post mortem photo. Post mortem photos do exist, but none of them are stand alone.

Victorian Post-Mortem photograph of a woman who died in a factory fire

People In The 1800s Did THIS With Dead Bodies

Mourning.  This would have freaked me out.  And it does looking at it.

Victorian Hair Art : A Curious Way To Mourn

Christine Elfman Cabinet Cards / Storydress II: A series of photographs of a life-size paper mache and plaster sculpture. The dress is made of paper mache stories that I recorded of my great-grandmother’s autobiographical reminiscences.

A piece of Victorian mourning jewelry made with human hair locks.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

CREEPY CORNER: Nobody Does Macabre Quite Like the Victorians

A piece of Victorian mourning jewellery made with human hair locks.

I have to say this is one of the beautiful post Mortem photos I have seen yet.    Photo by Alice M. Boughton, ~ 1910... The woman on the left is deceased while the woman on the right looks to be holding her. They look to be sisters. This is a beautiful picture though.

Two Women under a Tree. Photographer: Alice M. Boughton (Despite many claims that this is a postmortem photo, I firmly believe that both these women are alive. As far as my extensive research can corroborate, Boughton did not take postmortem.

Post mortem (The mother appears to be quite young)

'Beyond the Dark Veil: Post Mortem & Mourning Photography from The Thanatos Archive'

Memento Mori: How Victorian Mourning Photography Immortalised Loved Ones After…

Memento Mori: How Victorian Mourning Photography Immortalised Loved Ones After Death (PICTURES)

The peculiar and morbid Victorian mourning traditions and post-mortem photography – despite the worry of being buried alive, people were comfortable with death