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DIY Candle

Your house can smell like a pumpkin spice latte! Fill a vase with coffee beans and a pumpkin spice candle and your kitchen will smell like the delicious aromas of a coffee shop in the fall.

Top 35 Pinterest Gallery 2013

Perfect and cheap to make! Coffee beans and dollar store candles. love using coffee beans smells sooo delish with vanilla candles!

Spice Drawer Organization

Don't waste time looking for spices when you could be enjoying time with all of your guests. Use these DIY Spice Drawer Organization tips to find all of your delicious spices quickly.

Roasted tomatoes are a delicious addition to many meals, especially as pizza toppings! Click here to learn how to perfectly roast tomatoes every time.


Wall Art- Kitchen Chalkboard Print -Chalkboard Coffee Subway Art Typo- Coffee Menu- Coffee Recipes-Know your Coffee Print 8 x 10" No.136...

Gorgeous spices or coffee shelf with hanging jars which have chalkboard labels and hooks to hang towels, cups etc

Printable Gluten Free Pantry Labels

Keep your pantry organized while ensuring your gluten-free essentials stay separate from your gluten choices with these free printable labels.