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These shoes are so creative! I love the gum ones the best!

What the shoe?!

I dislike them all except the mallard duck shoes. Seems like something the wives would wear off Duck Dynasty

Tarantula Stilettos.Just those two words should have anyone with arachnophobia crawling away at these jaw dropping shoes.

Freaky Shoes For Daring Soles

creepy and strange. spider and insects woman's high heel shoes. creeps me out

Буква-аппликация: Занятия с детьми by sunniest.lj.ru

Fabric scrap craft, great for decorating letters for them to learn. And, it uses up all those scrap pieces of fabric lying around.

lego high heels- these are simply awesome. How cool would it be to wear these around Javits during Toy Fair. If only it wouldn't kill your feet!

Alright all you fashionistas the latest thing in shoes is here, high heels made out of Legos. Last month British artist Finn Stone unveiled his Lego stilettos

Interesting shoes...creative ways to draw the eyes to the feet! Better have perfect feet and toes for these. No one wants to see crusty heels and unpolished toes when admiring conversation starting footwear.

Funny pictures about Creative high heel designs. Oh, and cool pics about Creative high heel designs. Also, Creative high heel designs photos.

Stiletto roller skates With outside temperatures clambering wheezily up to not-wearing-your-coat-indoors levels, there has been a burst of summer excitement on AnOther Loves. Description from evolvestar.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

my kind of Roller Skates - vintage roller skate - Heels - disco diva rockin rebel roller girl

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Shoes for fairies? beautiful drawing, showing inspirational of nature or flowers