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TILT Hotel Au Vieux Panier à Marseille....is this really a place you can stay??

Artiste – TILT graffe la moitié d’une chambre d’hotel à Marseille

The Half Graffiti Hotel Room Imagine walking into your hotel room and experiencing this! Artist Tilt has created Panic Room inside the Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France. The unique hotel has.

Niels Shoe Meulman : Painter -From Here to Fam English edition 2012 € 22.00 : 'Niels Shoe Meulman: Painter' is an avalanche of visual poetry and poetic visuals, in which alert readers will find a story about an artist who rejected being called an artist, who ran several design and advertising studios, then invented the new art form Calligraffiti and became a globetrotting painter after all. After the worldwide success of his first book, 'Calligraffiti: The Graphic Art of...

for the book cover of ‘Niels Shoe Meulman: Painter’. Original done with India ink on paper.


Street art en capas

light and shade, Double Word Graffiti, British graffitist Peter Preffington started doing regular tagging on walls, and over the years, he has developed a new style that includes painting various words in one image.

Graffiti snails roaming London as part of slow moving art project

Graffiti snails roaming London as part of slow-moving art project

A London artist, Slinkachu, used molluscs' shells for 'Inner City Snail – a slow-moving street art project'. Genius, Slinkachu just pimped his ride.