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PlayScience LabNotes #79: Parents and Their Smartphones, The Building Blocks of Robots, The Tone of Social Networking Life, ClickN KIDS + SecretBuilders, and more

Great idea to use with the Bee-Bots - a Dice Mat! You can make these yourself or (I'm sure) buy them. ~Bon

Autonomous Robot Follows Objects / Avoids Obstacles

20 projects to celebrate Arduino Day! My Robot, Makey Make an autonomous robot that uses an Arduino programmed to follow objects around and avoid obstacles.

Science Tech — Absolutely Prehistoric | Stars and Dinosaurs | Science | Science Gifts and Electronics: Cubelets Robotic Kit $159.99

For 8 years I have been drawing and building robot sculptures. I have been exploring, breaking down and rebuilding its iconic form. Thi...

Cubelets Promise Robotic Good Times