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I would have that number for volleyball and basketball but my best friends family uses that number. Its a tradition for them i guess:(

Lel he's just kissing because he really like you connie ^_^

Lel he's just kissing because he really like you connie ^_^

Sherlock - The Lying Detective. And the therapist just does she doesn't like react really in any way

FR. I'M LIKE, JUST DIE THEN! So he doesn't have low health because... that fall damage doe.

actually, he didn't lose my faith then. he may have gotten to know E but he didn't sleep with her or anything so I think I could forgive him for it when he cut her off. it was when he blamed Sherlock for Mary's death that I really lost faith in him. I don't know if he thought Sherlock just stood there while she got shot or what but John feels guilty and he's pushing off onto my baby and that's just not cool at all.

I just realized how funny it is that Sherlock puts Rosie in her father's chair. It's The Watson Chair. Only a Watson can sit in it.

Sherlock S04 E01 "The Six Thatchers". Season 4.


Ok quick rant (SPOILERS FOR 4x3): I am so disappointed in the Sherlock fandom. A lot of people gave 4x3 really bad ratings, just because they didn't make johnlock explicitly canon. It was implied, but apparently that wasn't enough. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of johnlock and tjlc. And I know the creators and crew built it up a whole lot, what with "tv history" and everything, and yes, I am a little bitter about that. But if they threw a kiss in at the end of 4x3, casual viewers would…