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Microsoft anuncia su tablet propia: Microsoft Surface para Windows RT

Microsoft anuncia su tablet propia: Microsoft Surface para Windows RT

Not Sure How To Start Using Your Tablet? Is there anything that hasn't already been said about the tablet? Some people think that it is a great tool for the future, but other people still feel tha

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Weekends with Engadget Surface Pro 3 review Samsung VR headsets and more - Head past the break to find some of the top stories from the past week!...

Weekends with Engadget: Surface Pro 3 review, Samsung VR headsets and more!

We could debate all day about whether the original Surface Pro was supposed to be more of a tablet, or a laptop with a detachable keyboard.

alice in wonderland subway map

Rabbit Hole Navigation Gear

Looking Glass Land Transit Map - for the lovers of literary classics: a subway map of Wonderland.

Special white edition of the Leica M8 rangefinder using LEGO pieces. Srsly.

White Leica M8 Faithfully Recreated Using LEGO Pieces

made from lego.Special white edition of the Leica rangefinder using LEGO pieces.

Microsoft Surface won for best tablet in the #TLDesignAwards 2013. @Microsoft Surface

I want clarity about what laptop will best enhance my pleasure and productivity over the next 2 yrs!

I don't know about you but I love retro, and this computer design is the bomb! Philco PC, made by Schultzeworks, is so much better than an average looking  desktop. I am not sure if it's in production, but both websites are listed as the link is in Spanish.   http://www.schultzeworks.com/gallery/

Philco retro steampunk concept PC is designed by SchultzeWORKS. The concept PC combines with the style of retro and steampunk , whick make Philco concept PC

Digital Polaroid with pics that you can save and edit. Smudge Proof, Water and Tear Resistant and they dry instantly. Love it!

Polaroid - the first Polaroid digital instant camera! The 14 megapixel camera can print images with or without the classic Polaroid border. I WANT!

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablet Computer

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablet Computer

Report suggests the software giant is launching its Surface Windows RT tablet in the coming months

How Much Does It Actually Cost To Be Batman?

How Much Does it Cost to Be Iron Man or Batman? Images and Infographics that show how much it would cost someone to become Iron Man or Batman.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Makes Oprah's List of 'Favorite Things' "The Surface, Microsoft's first tablet, feels like a Mercedes-Benz to me, people!" Oprah wrote on her website

Microsoft Surface Tablet Makes Oprah's List of 'Favorite Things'

The software giant has jumped into the tablet fray with a device it says will make the most of its Windows 8 OS.