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drink on my birthday

drink on my birthday

We call it Adult ADD, but we all know its weed.

Easy to be distracted SO ME! But really ice cream sounds good, or maybe some cookies. Last night i slept so good.

Bitches need to worry about their own kids!!!

Bitches need to worry about their own kids!

The know enjoyable noise you make!!

I love reading this stuff at work. The random snort laugh really convinces my boss that I'm working.

Aladdin and Titanic :(

Aladdin vs. Titanic

Funny pictures about Aladdin vs. Oh, and cool pics about Aladdin vs. Also, Aladdin vs.


You don't have bigger balls than me. Mine had to be put on my chest to avoid chaffing! That's who I want my little girl to be.

Discuss Your Drinking Problem

Funny Friendship Ecard: Id like to discuss your drinking problem over cocktails.

sara mclachlan...I always change the channel

This is so true. Makes me feel sad that I seriously have to change the channel. Can't watch, it is the worst commercial ever!

Love Princess Bride! Some of the most quotable lines ever.

Princess Bride- "Wove, twue wove, is what gavwers us hewre today. Mawwiage, that bwessed awwangement.


Funny Workplace Ecard: Nothing fucks up your Friday like realizing that its only Wednesday.