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My wife just saw this and said "Ya, because i pee myself every time you drive it!"

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Red Lifted Dodge Ram

Moto,Trucks,&Sluts on

The red Cummins is so beautiful! Why would you ever make them mad? If I knew someone with a Dodge Cummins with duel stacks, lifted that high with big mud tires. umm, we'd be friends for life.

Oh so much truth in this.

Get the hell off my car . Pretty sure that is her car, but if a chick pic like this pops up, it turns into a stupid meme about how she must be working on her MANS car.

Chevy girl all the way!

A boy in my class was trying to tell me that fords are better than Chevys. Then a girl behind me says,"When we bought Chevys, they always fired back on us." And I said,"It's backfired, and are you sure that your operating it correctly?

Silverado HD

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