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Photo of: Pan-Fried Scallops with Baby Artichokes, Gremolata, Iberico Ham, Lemon Verbena Jus Gras, Pied à Terre, Central London restaurant

Salt baked char, leakroe, Jerusalem artichoke cream, lemon marinated cucumber, pickled red onion, bacon crust - The ChefsTalk Project

Bamboo Cone Stands If you have been trying to find the perfect way to display your culinary cone creations, this is it. These lovely bamboo cone stands will draw the attention of all your customers. The beauty of these cone stands is undeniably sweet. You can also depend on these gems to stay together because they are made of premium material thus will stay together in all kinds of food situations.

Photo of: Roasted breast of guinea fowl with crayfish tails, globe artichoke purée, truffle and lemongrass jus, Pied à Terre, Central London restaurant

Photo of: A salad of raw and pickled spring vegetables, Pied à Terre, Central London restaurant

Maple Soy Cured Salmon; I have been making this (we call it "Alaskan Baked Salmon") for years, and even people who "don't like salmon" adore it! So, so easy with a big delicious payoff.