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Post with 6860 votes and 233882 views. Shared by girlfromthenorthcountry. Recently posted some Foul Bachelor Frog. Many alerted me to the presence of Foul Bachelorette Frog. I have another spirit animal

9GAG - Conditioned reflex

Conditioned reflex

Valentine's Day Funnies - The Spring Mount 6 Pack

Some Very Nontraditional Valentine's Day Cards

I love you like a back alley hooker loves crack. Guess what card my baby is getting for Valentine's?

Once behind a wheelbarrow during a night hide and go seek (no one found me for at least half an hour - I was still hiding when everyone else was found) and another in a large hole in some bushes.

First Grade Problems. I'm not gonna be a Richard Simmonsgot and try to take credit for this so I'm doing this thing where I leave the author's name on the post First grade prob

I am not a shopaholic (it's ok!) l wantering.com

haha > I am NOT a shopaholic.I am helping the economy lol

Hahaha! I've actually had someone say "I have a feeling we should kiss" to me before and I wish I would have been clever enough to think of that response!

'I have a feeling we should kiss.' 'I sometimes I have a feeling I should do crystal meth then I think 'Mmm, bettern not'. -Pitch Perfect (cant wait to see this!