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Bluestone patio and seat well in shaded backyard.

Discover Bluestone Patio Costs Per Square Foot

Beautiful bluestone patio, patterned design. Bluestone is full range.

Bluestone Patio and Pergola

Bluestone is full range.

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Lake House With a Classic Coastal Feel - This amazing Backyard features a large stone patio with a natural Bluestone fire pit, an outdoor Fireplace and outdoor Kitchen!

Here is a two level bluestone patio picture. Note the trees set in the patio! This patio was done in bluestone, has built in planters and a pergola. http://www.landscape-design-advice.com/patio-pictures.html

Creative Patio Pictures and Ideas

Birch trees are set into a two level patio for shade and interest. More creative patio ideas.

Landscape Design in 3D #NJ

Beautiful 3D landscape designs in NJ

Here are some landscape designs that were done with Sketchup. They can help you visualize your landscaping, and they can also be animated!

SSF Landscaping -  Select Blue Thermal Finish Bluestone Paving

SSF Landscaping - Select Blue Thermal Finish Bluestone Paving