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Cops - Intoxicated Jaywalking Crossdresser

Cops - Intoxicated Jaywalking Crossdresser

Borderlands 2 Wimoweh Trailer

Recently played the crap out of Borderlands 1 with a friend. I read that rocket launchers are actually viable this time :P

Best News Bloopers Of 2012 Part 2

Site Suspended - This site has stepped out for a bit

LA FWAY — A Bad Lip Reading of Beyoncé

LA FWAY — A Bad Lip Reading of Beyoncé

Ultimate AR-15 Mall Ninja Tactical Zombie Destroyer

And it's not a FPS Russia video! This gun does not in fact have a flame thrower installed sadly.

Workaholics - Ghosts in the Office

In it's season too.) Check out this short clip from the latest episode.

BrickIt - Dynaway Sorting Plant

Oh it's just a Lego brick sorting plant.made out of Lego.

Go Right

A collection of side scrolling video game history.

Jealous Monkey Reacts To Male At Memphis Zoo

This is within driving distance! Monkey, quit tryin to act like spiderman. Video by by (thanks Neil Ross)

Conan Joins A Southern Baptist Choir

I love the remote segments on Conan. Conan tries directing the Greater Travelers Rest Baptist Choir.

10 Illegal Foods

10 Illegal Foods

SICK Drum Solo (Literally)

Drummer rips his drum solo during the performance then his nerves get the best of him and he loses his lunch. Via Darren of Mutemath

Haunted Toaster - Classic Today Show Clip

Loved the end of this. Even Gumbel laughed.

Taiwan - Lin Yu Chun Sings I Will Always Love You

Lin Yu Chun sings the Dolly Parton classic made famous by the late Whitney Houston.