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Back in 2012 when I first saw this cute kitten mural extravaganza, I knew I would end up having something similar in my bedroom sooner or later. The problem was that even though I have wild imagination, I've no talent for painting! So, I found an artist, Giorgi Makharashvili, who was not afraid to experiment with the paints of this ultraviolet magic world.I explained the whole concept to him and my dream gradually started to shape into a vivid reality.

Inspiração #75 – Fios de cabelo e fibras de tecido nas mãos do artista Takahiro Iwasaki

Na verdade, diminuí o título do post, pois não é apenas de cabelo e tecido que são feitas as obras do japonês (óbvio né?) Takahiro Iwasaki, mas também

I'd probably never wear it myself, but this is kind of awesome - and would be fitting since I'm going into dietetics.