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We've seen truly terrifying bridges before, but n...

Japan Has The Scariest-Looking Bridge Ever

Eshima Ohashi Bridge can be compared to a roller coaster rather than a normal road. The bridge connects Sakaiminato with Matsue. Hard to believe that such a bridge can actually exist somewhere! It is terribly steep and it makes most drivers sick.

Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo, Japan

Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo. Photo by Shingan Photography.


Bridge in Japan Is so Steep It Looks More Like a Roller Coaster

The Eshima Ohashi bridge in Japan is so vertiginous that ships can pass underneath it. The astounding bridge connects the cities of Matsue and Sakaiminato,

Angus L. Macdonald Bridge - a suspension bridge across Halifax Harbor between Halifax and Dartsmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada;  it is 4,277 feet long with a total height of 338 feet and is 154 feet above water in the center;  opened in 1955, it is locally known as 'the old bridge'    - Wikipedia

The Angus L. Macdonald Bridge, known locally as "the old bridge", is a suspension bridge crossing Halifax Harbour in Nova Scotia, Canada; it opened on April

Tap is running dry on Colorado River, our ‘Most Endangered River in America’ American Rivers urges a call to action to help save Americas rivers

Tap is running dry on Colorado River, our ‘Most Endangered River in America’

American Rivers released its annual top 10 list of “America’s Most Endangered Rivers” report on Wednesday, and Colorado River was No.

A Bridge In Wakayama Prefecture, Japan

Complementary: This example of complementary color is of a red bridge in Japan. The red bridge against the green background of trees gives this picture more contrast making it more exciting and sharp.

Rainbow (Colored) Bridge by AJ Brustein, via Flickr

Rainbow (Colored) Bridge Herzog & de Meuron Address: Between Shibaura, Minato and Odaiba, TOKYO - Japan

Liberty bridge, Budapest: http://bbqboy.net/favorite-photos-2-months-budapest-see-skip/ #budapest #hungary

Our favorite photos from 2 months in Budapest. And What to See and Do (and what to skip

Szabadság híd connects Buda and Pest across the River Danube. It is the third southernmost public road bridge in Budapest, located at the southern end of the City Center. It was originally named Ferenc József híd.

West Virginia. We have to cross over this bridge if we go to Babcock State Park. J.T's really excited, I'm a little nervous.. Lol

Previous pinner said, Wild, Wonderful West Virginia! The New River Gorge Bridge is a steel arch bridge feet long over the New River Gorge near Fayetteville, West Virginia. I have rafted through the rapids under this!

The Naruto Whirlpools in Japan.

Onaruto Bridge connecting Kobe and Naruto, Tokushima, Japan. The bridge is one of the largest bridges in the world and is also known for the Naruto whirlpools. The Naruto whirlpools are caused by tidal currents between the Seto Inland Sea and the Pacifi