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The Abandoned Homestead

*i would love to own this house and try to find out the history that is ingrained in its floor boards and walls.

X-wing starfighter

X-wing starfighter

X-Wing IRL. We are refining our Star Wars party around x wings. I plan to print out x wing pictures to mount around the wall instead of the usual Star Wars posters or star backdrop.

"No, no, no. Please. Please--" "I'm sorry, Skyler. You brought this on yourself." {o.c.}

"That would be the least of my worries, but if you insist. Mixed with a bit of a paralytic and muscle relaxants. I do so love my hybrids, as you well know, Mr.

Take me away from here.

Evan Peters "Tate Langdon" making me want a fucking Starbucks lol this man can make anything look good ;


A night photographer since the late Troy Paiva's ongoing Lost America series encompasses light painted time-exposure pictures that run the gamut from lurid to whimsical.

Vantastic Tumblrina

How to Make Vantas Horns okay so as an apology for the last tutorial I made, I promised myself I’d make a real tutorial for making Karkat’s horns.