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Please, come on in!

Please, Come on In

Fili & Kili at your service. Everyone backstage calls them the "hunky, boy band dwarves" :P

Aidan Turner - Google Search

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Promo shot of Aidan Turner. The image measures 1024 * 768 pixels and was added on 22 March

Frozen / The Hobbit mashup! Thorin singing Let it Go is so hilarious! xD//SOBBING

Disney's 'The Frozen Hobbit' (Song Lip-Sync) - I love the Summer one with Smaug, hahaha.

I'm so glad they found a way to get this quote into the movie.

In the Battle of Greenfields, Bandobras Took whacked the head off of an Orc named Golfimbul. The head flew through the air and landed in a hole.

*locks door.  Bars door.  Sends someone else out to get rid of them*

All Your House Are Belong To Us

All Your House Are Belong To Us. They can come to my house anytime!

3 dwarf (not wisemen)

Merry Christmas, indeed. Fili Kili and Thorin :D haha sweet!