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littlechien via carnetimaginaire someforeignletters: Anna Silivonchik

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25 Stunning Illustration & Modern Art Pieces

Panneaux Décoratifs - Mucha - Série "Les Heures du Jour" - Eclat du jour - 1899

1899 Eclat Du Jour Vintage French Nouveau France Poster Print Advertisement

Alfons Mucha - Série "Les Heures du Jour" - Times of the Day Eclat du jour - 1899

Sunflowers, bicycles, Tour de France - Eleanor Grosch

The Art of Cycling

Hallmark of numerous stages of Le Tour de France - cyclists passing fields upon fields of vibrant sunflowers. Created by USA designer and illustrator Eleanor Grosch.

100+ Artists Portray Depression And The Results Are Scary

100+ Artists Try To Show What Depression Looks Like And Some Results Will Make Your Skin Crawl


Fictional Food – A tribute to food and products in pop culture and cult movies

Fictional Food – La nourriture dans la pop culture et les films cultes

Brooks Salzwedel - layers and layers of mixed media. Graphite, sketches on layers of transparent tape.~

brooks salzwedel (The Jealous Curator)

Brooks Salzwedel: Layers and layers of mixed media, layers of transparencies, frosted spray paint and paint.