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Are they swimming or are they flying? -- regram @natgeo (Photo by @BrianSkerry) A pod of spinner dolphin mothers and calves socialize in the shallow waters off of Oahu Hawaii. Spinners are among the most social species of dolphins often seen in larger groups.  For several hours each morning they play together in locations close to shore then rest. But even when sleeping dolphins keep one half of their brain awake. As voluntary breathers they must remain partially awake to breathe and to be…

“Photo by A pod of spinner dolphins mother and calves socialize in the shallow waters off Oahu, Hawaii. Spinners are among the most social…”

Swimming with dolphins was one of the highlights of my life!

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Peaceful Ocean Sea Blue  View with lovely Dolphins. ❤

Wild baby dolphins underwater photo While most of the adult dolphins sleep during the early morning and afternoon day's sun, baby dolphins .

Newborn Dolphin from the Red Sea Dolphin Study project

Dolphin Baby Boom!

My sister was in America swimming with dolphins and a little boy who was really scared to get into the water kept crying because his parents were trying to make him. When they finally persuaded him to get into the water, the dolphins swam up to the little boy and pushed him back onto the ledge

Roatan Bay Islands Honduras Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops Truncatus) Jumping In The Caribbean Sea Canvas Art - Stuart Westmorland Design Pics x