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Webster in the Car | Content in a Cottage

Webster, on a road trip.

Webster is lonesome! | Content in a Cottage

I had to break down and have my riding mower picked up yesterday for a minor tuneup. I talked them into just putting in a new battery, ch.

Stealing Webster's Bed | Content in a Cottage

This bed is mine now, says Piggy. Webster doesn't even care. This sheepskin is near a radiator and under a window so it's a perfect guest.

Marie Cécile Thijs

Marie Cécile Thijs

Webster Has Tucked In | Content in a Cottage

Our boy Webster has already thrown in the towel and called it a night. He dealt with the ice covered snow a lot better today.

Good Night, Webster | Content in a Cottage

He is really missing our long walks but they are virtually impossible unless we walk on t.

Webster. His first animated GIF. | Content in a Cottage

I am so happy I finally learned how to make a Webster gif. The wonder dog is so worthy, isn't he?

Good night from Webster, the wonder dog.

Webster is ready to call it a day and so am I. We had the plumber here today and all went well.

Webster is Fading Fast.  End of a winter's day.

His eyes are at half mast and he's slowly entering doggie slumber land.

Webster says Goodnight. | Content in a Cottage

Webster says Goodnight.

Webster Wants Equal Time | Content in a Cottage

Webster and his beloved giraffe

Webster Cleans The Muffin Pan.

I made corn muffins for the workers today and they stuck to the pan. Webster was thrilled because he got the job of cleaning the pan befo.