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Beach House Plans Sure Look Swell in an Apocalyptic Storm

The house is located on the plain of the Black Sea coast. Its area makes 350 sq.m. The house has one floor + garage on two cars in a cellar. The inhabited part includes a kitchen-dining room, a bedroom, children's, wardrobe and 3 bathrooms. In...

This Portable Beach Hut on Sleds Houses a Family of Five

Rem Koolhaas Wins Bid For Miami Beach Convention Center

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Beautiful Houses: Coolum Bays Beach House

This contemporary home by Aboda Design Group is located in Coolum Beach, Queensland, Australia. It features clean yet dramatic lines, durable materials, and sustainable elements such as passive cooling and LED lighting.

Beautiful Houses: Coolum Bays Beach House

The Coolum Beach House by Aboda Design does not only boast a spectacular view overlooking the blue ocean but also has an incredible landscape, design and architecture. One of our favorite areas of the home is the rock wall play area for kids. It is