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friendship pins - I think this would be a fun project for the girls at birthday party

Used to do this all the time: Friendship pins on your tennis shoe laces.

A buttercup flower is proof we liked butter way back when, & also it was done with dandelions.

A buttercup flower is proof we liked butter way back when, & also it was done with dandelions.If it made your chin looks yellow you supposedly liked butter.

Hopscotch | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Supplies needed: chalk or sidewalk paint, stones/bottlecaps or bean bags. Playing hopscotch is easy. First, make the paint to create your hopscotch grid.

Maya & Miguel great show!!

Oh my gosh, yes. My favorite episode was where they tried to open a restaurant in their house or whatever, and didn't tell their grandma. why do I remember random junk like that?

Kids will never see the connection between these two objects.

LOL love it! / you know you grew up in the when you immediately see the connection between a cassette tape and a pencil.

World Book Encyclopedia...got so much use out of our set...

Do you remember World Book Encyclopedia, and the annual year books they published? I had at least 7 of the year books! Wonder what we did with them?

Clock that uses pins as a display. I would have a hard time not trying to play with the pins though.

As a kid,I remember playing with those Pin Art toys.The Pin Clock contains pins that lift and retract to display the hour and minutes.Keep in mind though that the clock does produce a clicking sound with every time change.

Loved doing this, but only used 1 card at a time. The noise it made on the spokes when you rode was so cool!

Fourth of July Bike Parade ideas - fasten playing cards to bike spokes with clothespins and make a ruckus!