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Arduino-powered Artbot writes the time, erases it, writes again (video)
Make your own metal detector
One of four circulating air heatings - each providing 120W for 70°C chamber temperature
Wearable Light Organ
self stirring mug || Awesome!! But i can't help but wonder... Are people really this lazy these days for someone to even consider creating this device? O.o
Reaction timer game 50 - 555 Circuits
Velleman MK112: Brain Game  Just 4 LEDs and 4 push buttons provide hours of fun. The aim-of-the-game is to repeat a pattern, which is generated at random. The pattern is played both visually and audible or visually only (selectable). It features 4 difficulty levels, which can be selected at start-up. The replay speed gradually increases during the game, to make it even more challenging. Low power consumption. Microprocessor controlled. Auto power off.
Air Pressure Lab - This activity gives students hands-on experience with differences in air pressure.