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How-To Mesh Ombre Necklace. make sure and watch the little video next to the instructions. it makes things SUPER easy and very clear!

box braid necklace

DIY Box Braid Necklace

Leather Box Braid Necklace DIY is a simple to make project with lots of cool. Indulge in your nostalgia by using those skills learned in the Girl Scouts to make your very own leather box braid necklace.

DIY: Chunky Pearl Necklace Tutorial

Chunky Pearl Necklace:: To create a stand out, chunky, pearl statement necklace just reach for 3 strands of long pearl or beaded necklaces (experiment with different colored options), wide ribbon, and a decorative brooch.

Braided bead #necklace tutorial from #Eighteenth_Century_Agrarian_Business

Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business: diy: Braided Bead Necklace FULL TUTORIAL I pinned this before and I think it was just a photo.

Anthro Power Of 3 Knockoff Tutorial

awesome DIY Bijoux - Southern Fairy Designs: Anthro Power Of 3 Knockoff Tutorial

Cool...great blog

Take various chains from other necklaces and string them together with a ribbon. Add a flower or feathers and it's super chic!

Aprende qué objetos puedes reciclar para organizar las joyas de forma sencilla y económica. Además si eres creativo puede ayudarte a decorar tu habitación.

Got a craft show coming up? Check out this beautiful DIY jewelry tree idea from Ashlee at My So Called Crafty Life!

DIY Ribbon and Pearl Necklace.  #diy-necklace #diy-pendants #diy-inspiration

DIY: Ribbon and Pearl Necklace. I don't have a bow at the top and the ribbon I used isn't as silky. My two pearl strands are also the same sized-pearls. This angle of the necklace also looks long; at the shorter pearl strand, my necklace is